Carolina Weddings, USA
Carolina Weddings, USA
Choosing Your Wedding Minister:
Deciding on the person you want to be your voice as you recite your vows and promises to each other will be one of the most serious choices you will make about your wedding celebration. You will want someone who will take the time to learn about you as a couple and vision of the day, encouraging and accepting input from you. One who is caring and professional and who will be sensitive to your wishes as well as having the ability and experience to speak eloquently on your behalf. One who will be a calming presence on you wedding day as you recite your vows and promises to each other as you join your lives together.
"With a calling and passion for what I do, I welcome the opportunity of getting to know you, to assisting you in creating your customized ceremony, to participating in one of life's time honored traditions and to sharing in your joyous celebration whether it be marriage, commitment ceremony or vow renewal."
As an ordained interfaith minister, Rev. Ingrid Sagula is able to serve couples; whatever their faiths, beliefs and even non-beliefs. She also offers elopement services in the Triangle area in addition to larger gatherings.
Understanding the Ceremony AND the Reception Outside the walls of a church: A couple’s wedding day seems to be just one BIG event. It’s Not! The Ceremony and the Reception need to be looked upon as two entirely different and separate elements of your big day. You need someone that understands the ceremony, all the elements and someone that can handle all the “Oops” and “Uh-Oh’s” that can… and will happen on your big day!
Rev. Sagula’s goal is to make the ceremony a direct reflection of the two of you, who you really are. Not what you think has to happen but, what you want to happen. She is proud to perform an upbeat yet personal ceremony that segues right into the excitement and fun of your reception!
Rev. Sagula wants to exceed your expectations of a Wedding Officiant. Rev. Sagula is 100% devoted to her craft and her couples in search for a non-denominational wedding officiant to preside over their wedding ceremony outside the walls of the Church with professionalism and most importantly, without judgment.
What is Rev. Sagula’s style? In recent reviews the most common words used by Brides and Grooms to describe her are: Personal, Warm, Fun, Professional, Attentive, Caring, And Calming. Simply visit the “Reviews” page and read for yourself, direct from the Brides and Grooms themselves.
“Each Officiant has a style and personality that needs to match the couple. I think how I’ve won the hearts of my couples is; by not presenting MY ceremony, but by presenting the ceremony THEY help to create. How? By using my wedding ceremony questionnaire which they receive at our interview and listening and observing the couple during consultation sessions. They help select all the elements of their ceremony: readings, prayers, blessings, poems, vows, ring promises and acts of celebration. It’s done in such a way that is easy, couples become very proactive in the creation of their ceremony thus, becoming a true reflection of the two of them and their love and the style the ceremony is presented to everyone.”

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