Carolina Weddings, USA
Carolina Weddings, USA
Common Questions Brides and Grooms have asked:
What is your Denomination?
I am an ordained Interfaith Minister; this allows me to better serve my couples and help in acknowledging all beliefs and faiths. Although I was raised in a traditional Christian home and hold my personal belief to the Holy Trinity, I do not allow my beliefs to interfere with each couple’s vision of their wedding ceremony, nor do I place judgment. I believe we are all children of the same God and we are all pieces of God’s beautiful and miraculous puzzle.
Do you overbook your day?
Not at all and as of today, I have never been late to a wedding. I plan my schedules around my couple’s needs. Unless asked otherwise, I arrive 45-60 minutes early to assure the couple that I am there and ready to go.
How will you be dressed?
I dress according to the preference of the bride and groom. I work with the couple to blend with the feel of their unique service. I have clerical robes if preferred.
Do you attend the reception?
99% of the time, no. I need to be honest with you; the only two people I will know will be the two of you and following the ceremony and during the reception, the two of you are rather busy. I have learned over the years that this saves my couples a lot of money too.
Do you work with Wedding Coordinator/Planners?
Of course and I have a wonderful reputation with many of the areas professionals. However, one must remember that your wedding day is actually two separate events; Your Ceremony and Your Reception. Although most event planners participate in the ceremony by making sure the florists, D-Jay or musicians and staff have everything ready and will usually participate in the sending out and receiving of the wedding party (Processional and Recessional) they are not clergy and should not intrude into the ceremony planning and in the ceremony on the day of the event.
Do you have any restrictions or rules for photographers/videographers?
Only two; first, don’t embarrass my bride and groom and second, do not stop the processional or recessional for a photograph without the specific request of the bride and groom. Other than that, it’s wide open. The way I see it; you’re spending a lot of money to capture these memories, who am I to set restrictions? You set the restrictions.
I am paying for a “Package” that includes everything but we’re unhappy with the Officiant they provide (preferred vendors list), can we still use your services?
Of course and good for you for not “settling”! As your ceremony is the main focus of your day, you should find an Officiant that is a direct reflection of the two of you and allows you to be creative in the ceremony process rather than someone the company has made an arrangement with. I do not contract third party nor do I become part of any “Package” or rate. I work directly with each couple to avoid any misunderstandings or leave the impression that I am part of a group. The ceremony Officiant should be an independent process rather than making a big profit, if not for anything else other than - what’s best for the couple!
Are you certified to perform ceremonies?
Yes, of course. I meet the legal requirement to wed couples in the North Carolina. Apart from being ordained and a certified wedding minister, I am experienced in this field. Remember that your ceremony is the reason everyone has gathered and you want to make sure the person performing your ceremony is experienced to handle not only the ceremony but all the little “Ooops” and “Uh-Oh’s” that can….and will happen during the ceremony.
What about references?
Sure, simply click on the links on the left to read reviews from my couples. Also, I am glad to provide you with contact numbers/emails of couples that I have joined together.

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